In the coming weeks and months, the District 34 Board of Education will consider putting a referendum to voters. The Board's decisions will influence the character of our schools and community for years and decades to come.

At the May 2019 Board of Education meeting, FGM Architects presented the results of an in-depth space utilization study. That study followed the master facilities assessment conducted over several months throughout in 2018. Those studies show great needs of District 34 facilities, and where there are opportunities to make improvements.

Before making any decisions on how to address those needs, the Board wants to understand the desires and perspectives of current, past and future D34 families, as well as community members at large. To make it easy for you to provide that input -- and to make sure the results are clear, valid and reliable -- the District is using Polco, a civic participation platform. Polco not only allows you to respond to questions, it also provides you with information to learn about the District's key initiatives.

Right now, the District is asking for general thoughts about our facilities and programs. Later, we'll ask more specific questions as the Board considers facility and financing options based on your early input. It will be an ongoing, progressive feedback opportunity.

How Polco Works

To give input, community members can go to polco.us/glenview34 or download the Polco app for iOS or Android. You’ll enter your name, zip code, and email address. That information ensures the validity of the survey respondents (the District can count your input as coming from a registered voter), and so those who respond can receive notifications when the District asks new questions.

All responses are anonymous. The District sees only aggregate results, and cannot ever see how an individual responds.

District 34 will post links about Polco -- and links directly to survey questions -- on Facebook and Twitter too. Please share those messages with your friends and family, or share directly from any question on Polco.

FAQs About Polco

Why do you ask for my name, email, and ZIP code? Why do I have to create an account?  By entering your name, email address, and ZIP code, you create an account on Polco. Polco uses your name and ZIP code to count you as a registered voter in the area that you report to live in by checking that information against public available voter information in your state. The purpose of creating an account is to ensure no one responds on your behalf and to provide you a personalized experience so that you can easily provide feedback on the topics that are important to you.Your personal information is never shared with anyone.

Where can I see the privacy policy? Click here to read Polco's privacy policy.

Who is Polco? Polco is a company that focuses on helping residents give input to their local government entities - including school districts - to better inform decisions that impact constituents. Using Polco allows the District to ensure accurate data, and allows a broad range of people to give input through the app and website.

Why am I receiving weekly emails? After you register with Polco, you receive an email weekly if you live in a city, village, county, etc. that has posted a question on Polco within the past 30 days that you have not answered. You can opt out of these emails at any time. At the bottom of each weekly email there is a link to stop receiving emails. Please click on the link there and follow the instructions.

I’m a registered voter. Why am I not verified? Sometimes Polco isn’t able to match the information that you give against the voter file. This can be because of one or more factors: a recent change of address (the voter files Polco checks against are updated every three months on average), data inconsistencies (Mike vs Michael, for example) Or because someone is not correctly registered to vote. If you think you should be verified and are not, contact Polco at hello@polco.us.

Will I see questions from groups that aren’t District 34? Polco exists to build and sustain a healthy dialogue about public policy in communities nationwide. If other local government agencies in your voting area partner with Polco, you will see questions from them as well. (Currently, no other local entities use Polco.)