Occupational Therapy

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Mary Geraghty

Executive Director of Student Services
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Kristin Caceres

Assistant Director of Student Services
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Kathy O'Grady

Student Services Support Specialist
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Andrea West

Grants & Special Programs Account Specialist
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Occupational therapy in a school setting is considered a related service that is provided to enhance the student's ability to adapt and to function in the education setting. The therapist uses therapeutic techniques, purposeful activities, and strategies to lessen or remediate motor deficits as well as adapt learning materials and the classroom environment as appropriate.

The occupational therapist consults with parents and the educational team regarding students who may demonstrate physical, sensory, neurological, or motor disabilities and need assistance to address their educational goals. Students may be referred for an occupational therapy evaluation if motor skills appears to be affecting academic performance.

Through collaboration and consultations with the education team, the occupational therapist's work may involve:

• Modifications to the school or classroom environment.
• Consultation resulting in modifications of instructional methodology including alternative strategies and materials
• Consultation regarding behavior regulation that may result in therapeutic activities that require special equipment or environmental placement