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Rob Conner

Transportation Manager
(847) 998-5064

General Information

The majority of bus transportation for students in District 34 is provided by Alltown Bus Service, which is based in Skokie. Additionally, transportation for students with special needs is provided by Safeway. Working with Alltown and Safeway, District 34 provides transportation for more than 4,300 District 34, Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) and St. Catherine’s Laboure students every day to and from school. This is accomplished with over 150 routes running every morning and 150 routes in the afternoon.


Who to Call with Questions

Parents who have a bus problem that needs immediate attention should call Alltown Bus at 847-674-0090. You are also encouraged to call Alltown with questions related to a bus running late, complaints or compliments about a driver, or general bus operations. Other questions, including changing a bus stop, eligibility for transportation services, school boundaries and district policies and procedures related to transportation should be directed to the Transportation Department at 847-998-5064. 

Contact Information 


  • Alltown Bus 847-674-0090
  • Safeway 847-599-1085
  • District Transportation Manager 847-998-5064 OR 847-514-3517
  • Maintenance Emergency 847-657-2991 (to be used in case of emergency if neither Alltown nor Transportation are available after school hours)