Audio/Video Recording

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Audio and Video Recording

Audio-video cameras are installed on school buses in order to monitor conduct and maintain a safe environment for students and All Town Bus Service employees. For more detailed information please see the District Handbook.
Rules for Safety
  • Please be sure your child is at the stop, waiting for the bus. The bus will not stop at a bus stop if there are no students visible.
  • Students may ride their assigned bus only.
  • Be careful in approaching the place where the bus stops. Do not move toward the bus until the bus has been brought to a complete stop.
  • Students should NEVER run after a bus or try to get a bus to stop for them.
  • School bus drivers can’t make any route changes. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s bus stop or route please contact the District 34 Transportation.
  • Rules for student behavior are the same for the bus as they are for school. Be courteous to the driver and riders.
While on the bus:
  • Take a seat promptly. Do not change seats during the route.
  • Be alert to any instructions from the driver.
  • Remain in the bus in the event of a road emergency until instructions are given by the driver.
  • Emergency doors and windows are for emergencies only.
  • Keep hands and head inside the bus at all times.
  • Do not lower the window past the safety mark.
  • Be quiet - Excessive noise diverts the driver’s attention.
  • Eating is not allowed on the bus. Please remember that some students have serious allergies to certain foods.