Free and Paid Riders

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Rob Conner

Transportation Manager
(847) 998-5064

Free Riders

District 34 provides free bus transportation for students living more than 1.5 miles from their school. Students living in designated hazardous areas, also qualify for free bus service. Designated hazardous areas include:

Paid Rider Applications

Students living less than 1.5 miles from their school, and not in an approved hazard area, may choose to apply for transportation services. Students living 0.5 miles or less from their school are not eligible for busing. To see if you live in an approved hazard area, please see the Free Rider section for your school.

The annual cost for busing is $405.00 ($50.00 discount) for applications received on or before the July 1 deadline. The full fee is $455.00 for applications received after July 1. Late applications will not be reviewed until September 15. If space is available on the requested route students will begin riding the last week of September.

Download an application in English, Spanish or Korean.