Routes and Stops

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Routes and Stops

Students must be at their designated stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time to maintain a safe and timely arrival at school. If the driver does not see students waiting, they will not stop. Parents can request to use another existing bus stop, however, stops will not be customized. Bus stops are assigned at the intersection of two streets, or a building number in the case of a building complex.

Bus Stop Procedures and Routing Criteria (English | Spanish | Korean)

Route Times

While most routes are between 15-20 minutes, please remember it will take time for students to load the bus. The Primary and Intermediate level schools also ensure that students are on the correct routes by checking and rechecking bus passes. At the primary schools, most buses will not leave until 10-15 minutes after the final bell.

Bus Route Freeze on July 1

In an effort to create efficient transportation, bus routes are created and then do not change. Routes will be determined using information received by July 1. New students who qualify for busing may be added to those routes; however, the routes will not be altered until after September 15 each year, if needed.

Alternate Address, Day Care Requests

Your child may be assigned an alternate pick up or drop off route, however this must be consistent and can not be assigned to different buses/bus stops on different days of the week. Request for alternate addresses must be received no later than July 1 for the start of school. Requests received after that date will begin on or after September 15.

The alternate address must be within the school attendance area. (For kindergarten students, the alternate address must be in the same kindergarten area; i.e. AM kindergarten, PM kindergarten area)

Download an application in English or Spanish.